Marco Fornasari, Guastalla, Reggio Emilia

Questo CD non è il greatest hits di un gruppo affermato che si specchia nel proprio successo. Siamo in presenza di musicisti veri che si divertono suonando insieme ... fai clic su "Find Out More" di seguito ...

Charles E. E. Hogan, Burlington, NC -- musician, composer, recording artist -- writes about "Mebanesville Town & Country," publishing Aug 1, 2019

Charles E. E. Hogan, Burlington, NC -- musician, composer, recording artist -- writes about "Mebanesville Town & Country," publishing Aug 1, 2019

Charles E. E. Hogan, Burlington, NC -- musician, composer, recording artist -- writes about "Mebanesville Town & Country," publishing Aug 1, 2019

 Mebanesville has issued a new album, Town and Country, an  eclectic mix of songs across regions and genres.  On the whole, their  delivery of these songs is as natural as though we are but witnesses of  an evening of conviviality among musical friends, an especially difficult task when recording in a studio, without the  energy of the audience or the spontaneity of live performance.  

Personnel vary from track to track, but the essential sound of the group  is evident from beginning to end.  They are imbued with egoless  optimism and egalitarianism—you can hear their pure enjoyment of the  music and camaraderie and each song features a different member of the group.  Undergirding the ensemble is a solid rhythm  section that unassumingly unifies the ensemble from track to track.  In  nearly each of these, their own arrangements, Peggy Boswell’s  pennywhistle countermelodies delight in places where you might least expect, not to mention some enjoyable solos.  

A significant part of the disc’s unity can be attributed to the  consistent contribution of Loreins (Larry) Vellani.  But, do not  interpret that as “sameness”—Vellani’s vocal timbre and temperament,  like a chameleon, change with each new musical landscape.  He blends with the other singers and instruments to reflect the  idiomatic character of the songs and to match colors: here lyrical,  there strident, with Sherry Lea’s gut-felt croon or Iryna Tkachenko’s  edgy innocence, but always telling the story in song.

It is important work that Mebanesville does, to share—in their own  voice—this patchwork quilt of songs, and I have long admired them as  they tenaciously bring live music to disparate people and events.  The disc memorializes these live performances  offered in locations near and far, from around central North Carolina to  Reggio-Emilia in northern Italy.  It is a cross cultural rendering from  (among others) Italian, Irish, Mexican, and Afro-American origins.  This strength of the album spreads a healing balm over the  aches of divisive, modern times.  

Their realization of “Corazon Espinado” exemplifies an approach, not to  analyze and authentically reproduce the ethnicity of each song, but to  celebrate it – to enrich it— with each member’s accent.  Over the rhythm  section’s Latin underpinning, the track unfoldingly surprises throughout with solo riffs, from pennywhistle to electric  guitar to xylophone in rapid juxtaposition, all interwoven with the  voice of an Eastern European émigré singing in New World Spanish.  In  bringing themselves fully, they foster the music of foreign cultures to be collectively ours.  Mebanesville reminds us that  all humanity shares longing for love and peace, for contentment and  justice, and sings through the struggles that get us there.  

If you are looking for an album that showcases music from around the  world decked in its own ceremonial dress, you will not find it here: It  is much more important than that.

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... on the road in Reggio Emilia Province, Emilia Romagna, Italia ...

Charles E. E. Hogan, Burlington, NC -- musician, composer, recording artist -- writes about "Mebanesville Town & Country," publishing Aug 1, 2019

Charles E. E. Hogan, Burlington, NC -- musician, composer, recording artist -- writes about "Mebanesville Town & Country," publishing Aug 1, 2019

Wednesday midday market, serenading nei portici di Correggio ... July 17, 2019 ...

Thursday evening, Cafe Teatro, Correggio ... July 18, 2019 ...

Friday midday, Museo Cervi, Campegine ... July 19, 2019 ...

Friday evening, La Tana delle Rane, Novellara ... July 19, 2019 ... with 3/4 of Folkin' Po in the closing set ...

Saturday morning mercato, Guastalla ... July 20, 2019 ...

Saturday evening, i Vizi del Pellicano, Correggio ... July 20, 2019 ...



Jaki Shelton Green, North Carolina Poet Laureate -- writes about "Mebanesville Town & Country,"  Aug 5, 2019 


Beautiful! Thank you for your musical gifts.

All praises for Mebanesville, Town & Country that serves us a  potent mixed brew of cultural entanglements that remind us over and  over again how music tenderly invites us across both geographical and  spiritual borders. Drink these songs slowly and fully  as they open our hearts and arms wider! 

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Donald L. Oehler, Professor of Music, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, writing Aug 4, 2019

 I have known Larry (Vellani) for many years and I’ve always enjoyed the music  making that he and his colleagues bring to Alamance County. And now they  have a CD, Mebanesville Town and Country, and this, I have to say, is  the real thing.   Listening to the CD is  almost as much fun as being there. The performances are personal,  eclectic, and are real, performed with enthusiasm and love for the  music.   Spanish, Italian, pop, traditional, original, it all comes  together in a unique sound that we should all love and  be a proud of as they are from our hometown.  This CD is just darn  fun.  Don’t miss it!  

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Al Cane -- photographer, DJ, former Labor Party town councilman, and organizer of "Faringdon (UK) Welcomes Buskers!" -- writing on August 5

 I was really knocked out to get hold of a copy of “Mebanesville Town & Country” late one night at Faringdon's Folly Fest. Thank you. The next day I played it in my car on my way to a house party in the countryside nearby, and it fitted my mood so well as I was driving through the wheat fields. I was particularly taken by the Italian tunes and especially Mafia Maffia. But what made it really work for me was to hear some of the musicians on the recording playing in front of me at the very house party--that was a real treat. I have particularly enjoyed Jody McCall's song Blood. As another song says, “Give Me Wings” - may you fly high and spread your sounds around. Until we meet again nella taverna in some southern European village deep in the countryside, Bella Ciao, Ciao, Ciao. Grazie

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Samuele F. S. Pardini, Professor, American Studies & Italian Language, Elon University comments on "Mebanesville Town & Country" on July 21

  Your record is truly global music.

Five languages, multiple musical traditions, both secular and  religious tunes, multi gender singing. The Beatles’ cover is the  highlight for me.

I am enjoying listening to it.

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David Grace, Member, Coronet Section, Milwaukee Festival Brass, Milwaukee, WI, comments on "Mebanesville, Town & Country" on Aug 25, 2019

Larry, where do I start? Listening in order, the first time, I hit re-play about 6 times on Here Comes the Sun. Fantastic song.  Fantastic rendition.

Two words come to mind as I listen to this CD: "Generous" and "Frolic". (And delightful and fun and charming and endearing.)

You have the ability to lead but you also, as a good  leader, have the ability to follow. Everyone in your band has the  ability and sense and the musicality to know: when it's my turn I take  it and when it's not I'm out of the way but still part  of the tapestry. Having played with you makes it all the more charming  and endearing and generous because I know how you relate to each other  and visitors. Something so fun as Here Comes the Sun, followed  immediately by the haunting, Latin tune shows your depth  and breadth and consciousness of music.

Then I got to the last track! Oh my word! Best track on the CD.  What else is there to say? Who is that guy? I want to sing/play with  y'all and that saint some day! (NB: Mr. Grace is referring to Mr. Joe Thompson. For more information about Joe, visit the "New CD" section, as well as "About Hawfields & Mebane" of this site.)

Again, a fun, eclectic frolic, showcasing your musical generosity, breadth, and passion for this art form.    

Ben fatto!  Bravissimo!

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